"Avant-Après Relooking" Concept unique et spectaculaire par Josy Mermet : Créatrice de la Chromopsychologie

Josy MERMET, style enhancing agency

Josy Mermet, the creator of style makeover in France has developed over 30 years a very exclusive and personal concept in style enhancing. A concept that allows you to synchronize your personality with your appearance, to find the right touch in order to reflect a style that goes with your inner-being.

On the search of your personality

  • Would you like to enhance your personal or professional image ?
  • Would you like to change your style, wardrobe and appearance ?
  • Would you like to find a style that suits your personality ?
  • Would you like to develop your natural charm and be more charismatic ?

Josy Mermet’s Styling Agency offers you a complete style enhancing session including hair styling, make up and clothing.
This session will help you gain confidence and boost your professional and personal image. Josy Mermet’s concept is based on a personality analysis called “Chromopsychology”. This copy-written method has been created by Josy and has since evolved.

Why not You ?

Women, Men, Professionals, TV Show personalities all over the world have had their style and image enhanced by Josy. Why not you?.